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Sunday Services

Our Sunday morning services are from 11:00 to 12:00 and are customarily followed by a Q & A period. We engage a variety of speakers, each exploring his/her own subject, which may be philosophy, history, local social concerns, education, ethics, comparative religions, and so forth. We try to open our minds to receive truth and inspiration from many points of view.

You are warmly invited to visit our Fellowship House, 875 W. Market Street, Lima, for Sunday morning service and to join the conversation during the social hour after. Alternatively, some services are simultaneously available on-line.

2023        Upcoming Sunday Services

Today is 2023-12-09
Date Title Speaker Description
9/10/23 Ingathering/Water Service Intern Minister Marti Thompson Our annual in-gathering service and water ceremony along with our annual New Member Induction. Where has your summer journey taken you, on the map or in your heart?
9/17/23 How We CommUUnicate Jacob King and Carla Thompson We will be discussing what it means to be in covenant with one another, how to show up with love and respect for our members, and how to approach conflict within the fellowship.
9/24/23 Celebrating Louise Daniels Jacob King, Marti Thompson This service will be a celebration of the life and legacy of one of our founding members, Louise Daniels. More about the service and reception will be sent in a separate announcement.
10/1/23 Theopoetics. Marti Thompson What does a theology born during the post World War II years have to say to us today? In a period that asked "where was God during those years?" Theopoetics answered this question in symbolic language. We will explore the power of symbolism to illuminate in dark times.
10/22/23 Out of the Box service Kathleen Baril
Service leader: Anne Edwards
Join us for an interactive service with time for reflection, discussion and space to ponder the wonder of life itself
10/29/23 Samhain - The holidays that have sprung from it. Jacob King All ages service - Jacob - Carla Service leader. RE students will discuss the origins of several autumnal holidays that honor those who have passed on and we'll also explore the reasons human beings have for wanting to be scared (somewhat safely).
11/5/23 Science Fiction and Moral Imagination: Science fiction can be subversively creative. Can it shape the future? Marti Thompson
Service leader: Kathleen
Join Marti for a discussion about the role of science fiction in our moral imagination. And enjoy "If You Come To Earth," by Caldecott medalist Sophie Blackall, a story in the form of a letter from a child to an alien visitor.
11/12/23 Discussion on citizen rights Jamesha Williams Esq.
Service leader:Cris Elstro
11/19/23 Feast - Thanksgiving potluck; Marti Thompson
service leader:Anne Edwards
vegetarian feast and bring recipes - HAM;
11/26/23 Wisdom from the Hebrew Scriptures Anne Edwards This program offers multigenerational workshops based on eight stories from the Hebrew scriptures. Some of those narratives fit well with contemporary Unitarian Universalist values and others are more challenging in both the theology and the values expressed. All of these stories offer wisdom that can help people of all ages growth in spiritual depth and understanding.

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